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A new house



I am moving to a new house this week ( as I have mentioned before..*lol*) So there will be a cap in my internetconnections. So I won’t be blogging for a week or 2…

 See you in 2 weeks!



pytt-i-panna quilt

Pytt-i-Panna is a Swedish dish, made of small cubes of potato, sausage and union. It is a very old dish and a traditional “workers”-meal. This quilt pattern is given to me by another Swedish quilter and she told me that the name was pytt-i-panna.

 This quilt was fun to make and quite quick as well. I still need to quilt it and I will add a scallop border. I hope to finish it before we move, and I hope it will look lovely in the new room with the new colors on the wall…

pytt-i-panna quilt

pytt-i-panna quilt



I have been tagged by Helen…so here I go..

4 Jobs I had..

  1. Receptionist 
  2. Receptionist at a 3 star Hotel in Amsterdam..
  3. Office Manager
  4. Secretary

4 films I can watch over and over…

  1. Chocolate
  2. The lord of the Rings…all 3 of them
  3. You got mail…I watch this every Christmas
  4. Big Fish

4 Tv-shows I watch

  1. BBC’s Grand Designs
  2. 2,5 men
  3. House
  4. Gilmore Girls

4 Places I have lived

  1. Kampen in Holland
  2. Oskarshamn, Sweden
  3. Bergen, Holland
  4. Västerås, Sweden

4 favorite foods

  1. Kroket on white bread ( something very Dutch!)
  2. Pasta
  3. Anything Lamm
  4. Greek

4 favorite colours

  1. Pink
  2. Blue /turqoise
  3. Brown
  4. sorry..nothing beats pink….*lol*

4 places I would love to be right now

  1. In my new house with all the painting and wallpaper done and all the boxes unpacked with a nice glass of wine in my hand and my feet on the coffee-table …
  2. In Holland sitting outside a cafe drinking a cup of tea and holding my best friends new baby I haven’t seen jet
  3. Ireland and do some walking and beeing outside
  4. Would love to see the Amish country in the US once..

4 Names that I love but would not use for my own children

Larkin (for a boy), fee, Cloe, Rose

4 People I would love to tag with this Mem

  1. Cathi in Ireland
  2. Weronica
  3. Sherry
  4. Lucy

It is great to have been tagged and have something to write about. I am in the middle of my move, so it is chaos. In this chaos I have started a new quilt, I am painting furniture, making a carpet, and making new covers for a chair..so …I will have something more exiting to show soon..


Lost and found…

The last weekend has been revolving around lost and found..

my little brother

This is my handsome little brother out surfing in the sea by Portugal. He is person who travels a lot, has a lot of fun and adventures and has a really good “taking life as it comes” attitude. He was surposed to be gone for a month, but stayed longer and that got us worried. He is not one who remembers to keep in touch when he is out having fun. But we are happy that is safe and sound at home. He stayed at a place where he worked as a builder and got payed in food and shelter. my little brother

Since we will be moving in about 3 weeks we had a busy weekend. We cleared out our storage, the garden and the furniture there. Our closets were organised, packed the summer clothes and threw away all the old stuff. But the coolest thing that happened this weekend was: Last time we moved I was really in a “trow away” mood, and threw loads of stuff away. I had a big collection of magazines and thought I had trown them out,…but there all the way in the back of the storage space were….3 bags of magazines…o JOY! I am now re-reading them and they are like new magazines now since I don’t remember what is in them…

In the middle of this mess…I am trying to do some journal-ling and scrapbooking, but I think I am going to pack it in soon. I really don’t like the way the house is looking now…boxes everywhere…really depressing and not “homey” at all…I can’t wait to move

well….back to packing.. 

Journaling thoughts

Okay, I would love some input about my journaling thoughts.

I am going to put together a journal, with my crafty projects and some other bits and pieces. It is not a real journal in the sense of like writing down my most intimate thoughts, it is more for keeping track of all the things I have made during the years. Now for my “dilemma” In what language should I journal? I am Dutch, living in Sweden and my blog is in English.

If the journal would be strictly for me I would do it in Dutch ( I think..maybe), but then none of my Swedish friends would be able to read it…or if I would want to put up photo’s and post on this blog, you wouldn’t be able to read it. But that would mean that I would have to spell-check everything and stuff. My English is not very bad, but I am  not as fluent in writing it as I once was. Writing in Swedish is not really my thing…and writing in Dutch is not the same as it was once either since I have been living in Sweden when I was younger…went to high-school here 4 years, and now I have been living here for 5 years again (so a total of 9 years). So I don’t feel like I have a natural language…..

So you see the dilemma??…



Mixed upload today

Okay…today I have a mix of small bits and pieces to show you, since I haven’t been blogging like I should. Been bussy, been sick….my granddad has  been atmitted to hospital (he is only 93 years old so this was totally unexpected…we thought he will live untill he is 300!) and on top of that I have been starting to prepare to move..

But first the biggest cool thing that happend last week. It was my b-day and I got a present from Cathi…a quilt! I was so overwelmed…she did such a great job. I love it. I have packed it away save so it will be nice, clean and fresh for the new house.

 cathi's quilt

cathi's quilt

Thanks Cathi! The text says: Friends are like Heirlooms, the longer you have them the more cheriched they become.

I also got some money to spend from my dad’s girlfriend and from my MIL. So I bought these repro-fabrics and some scrapbooking things. Here are the repro’s:


2 weeks ago I was at a quiltmarathon and had a great time. I made this progress on my Girls Day Out quilt:

Since we are moving soon I am making my way trough my room sorting out all my things. I have finally started to write down all my recepies that I have torn out of magazines through the years.. So this big pile of paper finally got trewn out!


And I got ride of all these catalogues and stuff as well:


So slowly I am getting all my things sorted for the new sewingroom…

talk to you soon again!